Welcome to Clevtronics

We are an engineering and investment corporation offering services in sectors such as Information Technology Consulting, Sustainable Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Recycling as well as Real Estate Investments.

We carry out renewable energy services particularly solar energy (Photovoltaic systems) installation operations across Africa and Europe but especially in Nigeria and the UK. We have a growing Real Estate portfolio in the United Kingdom.


Drop us an Email: office@clevtronics.com

Our Information Technology Services

Clevtronics currently supports a number of websites built by our Web App Development Team. The kind of website applications we construct for our customers range from fairly interactive sites for public use to tailor-made, business specific database-driven websites for our corporate clients. Among the lists of our clientele are Legal and Accounting firms in the UK, Recruitment Agencies, Logistics and Global Cargo corporations including Health and Social Care Commercial Concerns.

Our E-Waste Service

Electronic waste (e-waste) is classified as waste associated with disused electronic products - computers, television, digital watches, electronic toys, electronic medical products, pocket calculators, mobile phones, portable devices and so on. Many of our modern domestic equipment like washing machines and refrigerators are now automated hence are also categorised as electronic goods. Learn More